Meet the Founder

Chillz Ice Cream and Donuts is a brand founded on the back of a young man's passions and dreams. Growing up in a small town and raised on a farm, hard work came hand in hand with accomplishing dreams. Raised from a family full of entrepreneurs, owner Janzin Cripe always had a role model to look up to. Learning first hand throughout his life, Janzin was able to understand the true values for what his life was to be built on, compassion for others, motivation to succeed and energy given back to life. Janzin often said, "I knew there was never a question if I'd start a business, only a matter of when." The vision came to life while owner Janzin was a sophomore in college at Purdue University. Studying economics and a focus on entrepreneurship, he was antsy to get his start. 

Chillz began as an idea only visualized and drawn on a notepad. With thoughts of how to get his start as quickly and cost efficiently as possible, Janzin got creative with it. A shed converted into an ice cream shop. In the early days budgets were stretched and hard decisions were made. Chillz opened its windows in the Spring of 2018 serving hand dipped ice cream. That season the true identity of Chillz formed and late in the season Janzin found his strengths in social media and first began to position Chillz with an online presence.

Chillz went through many changes while identifying and shaping the brand that Chillz is today. From hand dipped ice cream, adding milkshakes, introducing the line of Chillz Toastyz, and finally announcing the development of the Donut Delight- Chillz learned and only continues to grow. Chillz relocated in the spring of 2022 which now allows indoor ordering and a drive-thru, but the same Chillz atmosphere of energy which we all know and love. The menu thriving on the Donut Delight, featuring hand-dipped ice cream flavors, and 6 flavors of Chillz specialty mini donuts every time you visit!

Today you can find Janzin.Chillz on Tiktok, Instagram, and Facebook, where he gives motivation to other young entrepreneurs to get their start. It also allows you to follow along on his long pathway of transforming Chillz from an ice cream shop born in a shed, to bigger visions. Janzin values the support and audience of his encouragers and truly hopes you engage with him through social media or find the time to contact him at

  • Delightful Customer Service

    Get ready to be greeted at Chillz by our one-of-a-kind and inviting customer service. The Chillz way is lending a listening ear or offering an encouragement. There is no question, we are always delighted to serve you!

  • Indulgent Atmosphere

    Our signature Chillz' mint green radiates positivity off our walls. Bask in a joyful day with the sounds of all out 50's music filling the air and the smell of freshly made mini donuts all around! Enjoy in-door seating, convenient drive-thru, or dine outside on a beautiful day!

  • Homemade Recipes

    Our menu is filled with homemade recipes! Try our made-from-scratch mini donuts with 6 flavors available everyday. Add the Chillz sauce to your next totz order, the iconic secret recipe dipping sauce. Stop in for lunch? Don't forget to try the Toasty Joe!

Built for Business. Owner Janzin Cripe featured  here in front of the new home of Chillz in North Manchester, IN before any restorations in January 2022.